U.S. Golf Classic Official Rules


All play is to be governed by the Rules of Golf as established by the United States Golf Association (USGA). Due to the number of qualifying sites, local rules at qualifying sites may be established at the discretion of the host professional.

The format of the US Golf Classic is a Two-Person Best Ball (also known as Four Ball) in which teams consisting of two players will count their single lowest net score on each hole. Handicaps will be taken into account for all qualifying and Championship rounds. Strokes will be applied before the round where they fall on corresponding holes.

Ex: Player A, who is an 18 handicap (therefore getting one stroke on every hole), scores a 4 and his partner, who is not getting a stroke on this hole, scores a 4. In this case, this team’s score would be a net 3, taking into account Player A’s handicap.

In the event of a tie, teams will continue the tournament format in a sudden-death playoff beginning on the #1 tee, and continuing until the tie has been broken.

Handicap Indexes

Each golfer in the U.S. Golf Classic must provide an established handicap before April 15, 2017. You may submit a USGA Handicap or provide one from an app you currently use. If you still need to establish your handicap we’ve got you covered. The USGC has partnered with TheGrint to help golfers establish their handicap in a free and easy app.

Click here to follow steps to establish your handicap

Handicap Adjustment

The committee also realizes that handicap index will fluctuate over time from qualifying to playing in the Championship. Should there be a large discrepancy in qualifying index and Championship index, cases will be evaluated fairly on an even scale. Should a player play beyond the expectations set forth by their handicap, stroke adjustments before the finals will apply after four (4) shots under handicap.

Ex: Player A reports a handicap of 18 where they are reasonably expected to average around a score of 90. Should the player shoot a score of 86, a difference in expectation of 4 shots, their handicap will be adjusted by a total of 1 stroke for the Championship event. In the USGC Championship, that player would be given a handicap of 17.

Click for full handicap adjustment scale

Should the unfortunate event occur of players misrepresenting their handicaps to gain an unfair advantage on the field, offending teams will be subject to review and disqualification by the USGC Committee.

Team Rules

Teams can be made up of any combination of men, women, or seniors (60+), who have an established and verified handicap. Each team member will be playing their established set of tees, or equivalent thereof, at the individual qualifying sites and the Championship Round in Las Vegas.


Should there be a tie for first at the conclusion of the qualifier each twosome will pay another hole until a winner is determined. Players will start on the #1 tee. A winner is determined after the first hole is won.

If a winning twosome cannot attend finals for whatever reason, the opportunity will go to the next place team (3rd). However, if there is a tie we will then resort to the highest handicapped hole in the card. Whichever team scored better on that particular hole is the winner.

Starting Time

Play will begin promptly with a shotgun start on every course (unless noted). It is the competitor’s responsibility to know start time.  Please arrive approximately 45 minutes prior to play; any player missing the shotgun or tee time start will be disqualified.

Pace of Play

In fairness to all competitors, pace of play will be monitored by the course ranger and USGC representative on site. If there is an issue, players will be notified with a warning. If the problem continues the player will be given a one stroke penalty per violation. This will be added at the end of the round.

Expect to Play in 5 Hours or Less.

Amateur Status

Due to the nature of the prizes involved in this competition, it is important to note that all participants will forfeit their Amateur Status as defined by Rule 3 and the USGA which states, “An amateur golfer must not play golf for prize money or its equivalent in a match, competition or exhibition.” (Rule 3-1a)

Amateur golfers looking to retain their status may participate in a golf match, competition or exhibition where prize money or its equivalent is offered, provided that prior to participation he waives his right to accept prize money in that event.

To do so: Waiver

If you choose to forego the cash prize and win the U.S. Golf Classic National Championship, you will receive a prize voucher of $750.

Rain Date Information

Since this tournament will be occurring simultaneously around the country, there is a chance that weather may affect some tournament sites playability. In the event of inclement weather, the qualifying tournament will be rescheduled for the tentative date of June 2nd, or at the discretion of the host course professional.


The USGC will refund participants based on the date of the cancel request being received by tournament staff:

  • Between date of entry and end of day April 1, 2017 – $20 cancellation fee.
  • Between April 1, 2017 and end of day May 1, 2016 – $40 cancellation fee.
  • After May 1 no refunds are granted regardless of nature of request.

Any cancellations must be in writing and sent to the USGC staff by email. Emails can be sent to info@usgolfclassic.com.

No refunds or exchanges will be made if the tournament is canceled or shortened due to weather or nature. One completed round constitutes a tournament.


All equipment used during the event must be USGA conforming. It is the player’s responsibility to determine conformity. Any player using non-conforming equipment will be subject to disqualification. Electronic Measuring Devices will be allowed during play, as long they measure distance only.

Dress Code

Collared shirt and/or mock necks are required. No jeans or sweat pants are permitted during play.